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Established in 1990, Window Washing Wizard, is able to maintain quality control at the highest level due to on site supervision for each and every home.

Window Washing Wizard is a fully insured residential window and pressure washing company dedicated to keeping our 5,000+ clients satisfied.

When you hire a window washer, you probably want more than just clean windows. You want timely, reliable service from someone who cares about your satisfaction. All employees wear booties upon entering the house. We use only the finest equipment available to clean your windows. Our uniformed staff of dedicated employees will beautifully clean the average two-story home in just 90 minutes.

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As a proud homeowner, household maintenance is vital in ensuring value of your home. While some believe windows do not need to be detailed and cleaned regularly, there are actually many reasons to have your windows professionally detailed on a regular basis.
Glass contains many microscopic peaks and valleys that can capture and trap debris, road salt, pollen, rust and even calcium deposits. Window glass that is not cleaned can become water spotted and appear weathered over time which will gradually etch the window and lead to a loss of integrity within the glass itself. Additionally, a windows R-Value (resistance to heat gain or loss) is based on the assumption that the window is clean and if the window is dirty, the accumulated debris can reduce the efficiency of your windows.


Insurance is essential for your protection! We gladly provide certificates of insurance evidencing proper workman's compensation and general liability coverage for all of our services. In addition to having access to the most comprehensive training program in the world, we carry a $2,000,000 liability policy so that you can choose our company with confidence.


Window Washing Wizard has been serving South Jersey since 1990 and has serviced over 5,000 customers.


The IWCA is the industry leader for training in the most advanced methods of residential window cleaning. When hiring a window cleaning contractor, ask if they are a member of the IWCA. It's important because IWCA members have access to the latest equipment, techniques, and developments in the industry. We receive updates and support on the latest changes to federal regulations, which assures compliance and reduces the liability and risk to our customers.

We offer a Quality Service Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our work for any reason, we will happily return free of charge.