Residential Window Washing

Allow us to keep your windows looking fantastic! We are neat, clean, and respectful of your property or business as if it were our own. We clean the window glass (inside and out, as requested), window sills, screens, frames and tracks, and our friendly team will polish your windows thoroughly inside and out!

We can also handle your 3rd story or hard-to-reach windows and repair screens as needed and requested. Bear in mind that years of hard water build up on your windows can cause permanent damage. Help protect your windows with our hard-water removal services.

Your glass surfaces are washed with a cleaning solution formulated for use with high-quality squeegee equipment and will not harm tinting or other protective films.

Home Exterior Pressure Washing and Cleaning

The exterior of a home or business needs cleaning and love just like your windows! Dirt, pollen, mold and hard water stains can accumulate on exterior walls/siding, sidewalks, driveways, decks and patios. Window Washing Wizard can pressure wash your home or business, thus giving it a “fresher” appearance.

**Note: Your windows should always be cleaned immediately following pressure washing to prevent spotting or hard water deposit build up.


Gutter Cleaning and Whitening

Clogged gutters can cause serious damage to your home! Whether it is nesting birds or leaves and debris, keeping your gutters clean and obstruction-free is very important. Fall cleaning of gutters will help to prevent “ice dams” from forming in your gutters during periods of large snowfall followed by warmer weather. We also understand that homeowners are not comfortable on ladders. Our team has safety training coupled with experience on ladders to safely perform the job.

Many gutters also get an effect called “tiger striping,” where dark drips run vertically across the surface. This is caused by electrostatic bonding, a phenomena where moisture runoff travels down your gutter and pulls chemicals along with it. We combat it with an environmentally responsible cleaning solution that achieves the best level of clean without hurting your landscaping or painted surfaces. The results speak for themselves!

Skylight and Light Fixture Cleaning

Skylight, chandelier and light fixture cleaning takes the same attention to detail as window cleaning. Our team has the experience and knowledge to clean your fixtures the right way using the proper materials and techniques. Whether it is a crystal chandelier or outdoor patio lights, we have the experience to do the job right!


We can be reached in our office at 609-953-0886 for a free phone estimate.
Appointments are available Monday through Saturday for your convenience.